The 4th Best Day EVER!

I officially went to the Verizon store tonight and picked up the phone that I've been waiting forever for!!

Yay! I finally made the switch from the Blackberry!

Robin, Clover, Lady Violet, and Gran were here for a few days and I would love to share pictures, but I was so out of the loop that I missed the boat. Maybe my little sis will share some (wink, wink Lovely). Fun was had by all. It was definitely a quick trip though. I so loved getting to hang out with my nieces and getting to know their personalities better. That is definitely not a perk of living so far from each other! I've really got to do a better job of keeping up on my relationships with them. They are both so uniquely incredible.

Crafting!! Holy Cow!! How could I post without talking about crafting? Here are some of the latest and greatest!

Magnet Board

Beth Kern's All Original Magnet Board
Yes Ladies, she really is a rockstar!!

A Few of my Favorite Things

Fancy Necklace

That's all for now...more later. Peace Out!

Never Again Have a Bad Hair Day!

So, I've been going through this awful hair stage where I don't know whether to cut or grow. You all know what I'm talking about right!! Well, HERE is the solution!!

This one's called the "Graci." I don't have a favorite, but wow...HOW CUTE, right?

The owner, Lisa, is super nice. As far as I know, you can buy online or at Designer Studio in Gilbert. Good luck PCB!
This is the man that I adore. Being the big "Heart" mushy gushy day and all, I thought I'd share a few embarrassing things about my darling boy.

  1. He cannot match his clothes
  2. He listens to TERRIBLE music
  3. He can never eat enough sushi

Mailing Mailing Mailing....Be on the look out for a very special handmade Duff-tackular Christmas Gift!

How could I not include O-G Gangsta Grant

Loving this ornament!!

Back to School Hair Cut

Seriously, how could you not fall in love with that mug. He's my baby. He's my gorgeous incredible, compassionate child that just defies gravity everyday.

We're Positive for Strep! Yuck!

Jamesy was sick all weekend so I took the boys straight to Dr. Wil on Monday morning. They both have strep! He's been home from school all week so I've had all my boys home! It has made for an interesting week. Thank goodness it's a short week and I'm not hosting Thanksgiving dinner. The boys will be healthy (well, at least not contagious) for the holiday and I am thankful for that.

I'll leave you with a few pictures I took of Grant a couple of weeks ago at Joe's Farm Grill. We went to lunch with an old high school friend that moved to Gilbert. It has been great chatting and hanging out with her. Hugs Des!

P x P x P = Jaiden's 7th Birthday!

What did you do today? We went to Jaiden's birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza! I have to admit I was full of anxiety as we drove down the highway. I was not looking forward to 10,000 square feet of screaming kids. To my was dead! I don't know why and I'm not going to tempt the gods by asking. It was great. Jaiden enjoyed herself. In fact, we all did. Her mom did a great job on the cake and cupcakes. Unfortunately, Grant wasn't feeling himself so we had to leave a bit early.

So, I've been really interested in working on my photography. I really want to create memories for my kids. I've been taking pictures but didn't delve into Photoshop until's what I came up with.

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